April 20, 2011


This is Molly. She's 17 and studying A-level photography.
I met her dad through work. When he asked me if Molly could join me on one of my shoots to get some experience I thought it was a lovely idea.
We had a fun time photographing Kitty, Daisy & Lewis last week, which ended with us chasing the sunset on a rooftop in Soho.
Molly has a blog, which you can view here
I think talent might run in her family.


Flo Morrissey 25/04/2011, 21:52  

she's pretty! Hope you're well Cat , Flo xx
p.s. here's a video I made yesterday http://vimeo.com/22809185

www.catstevensphotography.com 26/04/2011, 08:51  

That's a great cover, Flo! And I like the quality..
Let's meet up soon and make more work xxx